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Henry Dugan vs. The 419 Scammers
attachment files


The following are attachment files to be used when sending mail to a lad:

Private banking information:
This exe attachment when clicked causes his cd-rom drive to start opening and shutting on it's own. It also disables ctrl-alt-delete so the task can't be terminated. The lad will be able to move his curser around the screen, but nothing will respond to his frantic clicking. The only way to terminate the program is by rebooting the computer... which has to be done manually on the CPU since all of the buttons (start, restart, etc.) are disabled.

Credit Card Information: When clicked this exe file causes a confirm delete box to appear which asks, "Are you sure you want to remove the folder 'C:\WINDOWS' and move all its contents to the recycle bin?".  Any choice made (including NO and CANCEL) causes what appears to be a deletion. Terminating it is only done by ctrl-alt-delete and end task. This takes a few tries to shut it down. If the program is left to run, it will quit on it's own - but the recycle bin will look like it is full. The only thing in the recycle bin is a note that says, "GOTCHA".

Banking Information I: When clicked causes install window to run, which says, "Installing Virus, Please Wait".. then an install appears to occur... Then, "Virus Installed Successfully" window with an "OK" to click...   Nothing in this program lets the person know that it was a harmless prank.. They are left thinking that a virus was actually installed.

Banking Information 2: This one is rough! When the file is opened a warning window stating that the person's computer is infected by a virus appears... EVERY FIVE SECONDS!  ctrl-alt-delete is terminated.... Only way to shut it down is to reboot.